Keep More of Your Profit

There’s a better way to do taxes.

Business and individual taxation is complex and ever-changing. In addition to preparing your returns, we will partner with you throughout the year to help you understand the tax implications of decisions you make, to structure transactions to minimize taxes, and to implement the latest tax-saving strategies.

No matter your tax needs, our team has you covered. We have a wide range of experience in both business and personal tax returns, including complex returns such a multi-state and high net worth. We keep our eye on tax law and give our clients advice that keeps more money in their pockets.

Our Process

  • Estimate your net income for the year
  • Project the tax amount due the next year
  • Review scenarios to implement before year-end
  • Give estimates for safe-harbor requirements to avoid paying penalties
  • Prepare and submit your tax returns

Tax Audit Defense

When you use Vantage for your tax services, our support doesn’t stop after your taxes are filed. If you get a notice from the IRS, if you don’t get your refund on time, or if you experience other issues, we will take care of it and you will not get an extra invoice from us.

How Tax Efficient Are You?

We offer Entity Advising and Alignment to make sure your entity is set up in the most tax efficient way possible.